Kayode Okenla LLB (Hons) LLM

Kayode is a founding Partner of Simon Bethel Solicitors Limited. He has wide ranging practice experience, with a strong background covering commercial disputes, litigations, family, property, crime, and fraud involving individuals, private and public companies, and governments.

Graduating with an Upper-Class Degree and LLM in international and commercial law, Kayode has almost 30 years’ experience in litigation, large scale commercial disputes and contracts. He previously held the role of company secretary for a commercial bank where he delivered on the board and management agenda across the continent of Africa on a wide range of cross-border legal issues.

Kayode’s expertise across the whole spectrum of legal practice truly gives him an edge. He is described as ‘highly client focused, pragmatic and an excellent lawyer’ and is widely sought out for particularly challenging legal matters. He has been repeatedly commended by clients for his personable and effective delivery.

Kayode is adept at handling large scale transactions and draws recommendations from across the globe as a ‘standout intelligent lawyer who is optimally effective due to his wealth of experience and leadership’.


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