Family Law

Our specialist team of family solicitors and divorce lawyers have a well-established reputation. We deal with all areas of family breakdown including divorce, child custody arrangements, civil partnership dissolution, pre-nuptial agreements and more.

The team have a reputation for providing clear, concise, and constructive advice, whilst supporting individuals and families though these significant times. Our family solicitors support you every step of the way, to reassure you, answer any questions you may have and provide professional advice that you can rely on.

No matter what your situation, we take the time to fully understand your current position at the earliest stage so we can make appropriate plans and take the right action when needed, putting your mind at ease.

Family Law

Whether you are starting a family, seeking a divorce, or facing domestic abuse, our professional and supportive family lawyers can help advise on the legal consequences of your decisions.

We understand that family law matters can be extremely sensitive and emotive, which is why we are committed to signposting emotional support alongside our expert legal services. We can offer practical solutions and sensitive advice on all aspects family law matters relating to couples, families, and relationships.

Family law can be a challenging area. Our overarching aim is to secure an agreement that is favourable to you and, where applicable, one that the court will approve.

Our highly experienced family solicitors and divorce lawyers have the legal expertise required to safeguard your finances, property, assets, and the future of any children that may be involved.

Divorce, ancillary reliefs, and financial arrangements

When two people get married, or become civil partners, they acquire financial claims against each other. Often the most complicated part of a divorce lies in resolving these financial claims and achieving a financial settlement.

This process of dividing up your financial assets with your former partner can be unsettling and upsetting and one of the most difficult aspects for clients going through a divorce is that they are forced to make some incredibly difficult decisions with long-term implications at a time they are least emotionally able to do so.

There are number of different issues to consider during a divorce, so it is important you work with specialist family lawyers. This will give you peace of mind that they will have your best interests at heart, so you can trust that they are advising you on the best approach to take.

Divorce is a complex area of family law. It requires specialist knowledge, as well as a sensitive stance. Our dedicated team of divorce lawyers take a non-confrontational approach but adopt a resilient attitude when required. They will remain firm to protect your family whilst providing the emotional support required to help you cope during the upheaval.

Our team of expert divorce lawyers have a wealth of knowledge in achieving the best outcomes for our clients, through mediation, court, or collaborative law.

Domestic Abuse

If you are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence or physical abuse during a relationship, or after a relationship breakdown, we can advise and assist you in obtaining urgent help from the Court.

If you, or your children need protecting from violence, our family solicitors can help you obtain a Non-Molestation order, or an Occupation Order.

Our team will represent you during any injunctive proceedings and provide you with all the practical options and emotional support needed during this difficult time.

Please contact us if you require urgent assistance.

Our Specialist Family Law Team

At Simon Bethel Solicitors, we pride ourselves on looking after our clients as individuals. Client care is our foremost priority.

Our trained team of specialist family law solicitors and divorce lawyers can deal with a broad spectrum of family matters, from those involving modest assets through substantial estates. They understand the intricacies of handling family matters and as such, are there when needed to provide tailored and supportive guidance.
Our Family Law Services:
• Divorce & divorce settlements • Pre and Post nuptial agreements • Ancillary reliefs and financial arrangements • Cohabitation • Contact Orders • Child Matters • Child Abduction • Civil Partnerships • Inheritance Act Claims • Injunctions • Child Support Agency (CSA) and Child Maintenance • Collaborative Law

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