Anthony Okoruwa LL.M

Anthony is an experienced and diligent criminal defence Solicitor who has appeared in numerous cases at the Magistrates Court and Youth Court. He has been commended by professional and lay clients for his conscientious, detail-oriented, and focused advocacy, with which he defends and argues cases in the court room. These key skills have in the past, enabled Anthony to deliver persuasive arguments in court and thereby securing excellent results for his clients.

Anthony has vast experience in dealing and preparing Crown Court Cases from the PTPH to trial and advising on cash seizure from the police station to Magistrates Court and in money laundering cases.

Anthony also advises and represents clients on employment, immigration and family matters. Key areas of focus are employee disciplinary hearings, Tribunal matters as well as Ancillary relief matters and immigration appeals.

Anthony has superb interpersonal skills, so he is highly capable of working diligently with clients and their family members to effectively manage any anxiety and their expectations.


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